Poppits Water Balance

Poppits Water Balance is the perfect way to keep your pool water clean and healthy all season long.

This unique product balances your water, protects your equipment, and enables bactericides to perform at their maximum effectiveness. With Poppits Water Balance, you'll enjoy crystal clear pool water with minimal effort!

This product is also designed to raise the pH and alkalinity of spa water, making it more comfortable for bathers while also helping to keep your equipment in top condition.

The delicate balance of chemical elements is what determines whether your pool water is healthy to swim in or not.

Simply put, Poppit Water Balance raises pH and alkalinity of spa water.

Balancing the water protects your equipment and enables bactericides to perform at maximum effectiveness. Poppit Water Balance has also been formulated to protect heat exchangers from the damaging effects of scale and corrosion, making it a must use for all pool and spa owners. This solution:

•    Increases total alkalinity
•    Increases pH level
•    Enhances sanitiser effect
•    Contributes to bather’s comfort

Available Pack Size:
  • 1kg and,
  • 500g containers


1. Test pH and Alkalinity of the water using a test strip or water test kit.

2. Maintain the pH within the range 7.2-7.6, total alkalinity between 80 to 120 ppm.

3. If readings are low, add POPPIT WATER BALANCE. Best results are obtained by dissolving the product in a part full bucket of hot water and then add to spa. Apply when no swimmers or bathers are in the water.

4. Filter spa for about half an hour, test repeat step 3 if necessary.


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