Poppits Spa Cal Hardener

Poppits Spa Cal Hardener is a safe and easy way to increase water hardness, which helps prevent etching, pitting and corrosion of spa surfaces and metallic components.

Increasing the hardness of your spa water is key to preventing etching, pitting and corrosion of spa surfaces and metallic components. This is where Poppit Spa Cal Hardener comes in – this product increases water hardness in one easy dose, helping enhance the life of your spa’s surfaces and equipment.  

It increases the calcium hardness levels in the spa water.
•    Protects spa pipes and surfaces
•    Contributes to bather comfort

Available Pack Size:
  • 500g Containers



Add Poppit Spa Cal Hardener to a bucket of water at the rate of 10gms per 1,000 litres of spa water for every 10ppm of rise required. Add Poppit Spa Cal Hardener in one third doses, followed by at least 30 minutes of filtration between each additional application.

Cap Holds 80g.

Spa Size

Spa Cal Hardener


ppm Rise


1,000 ltrs

10 gms


10 ppm




Step 1: Test Hardness level of the spa water.

This can be done using your test kit. If unsure, take water sample to your local pool/spa expert.

Step 2: Clean skimmer, pump baskets and filter cartridge.

Step 3: If Calcium hardness is required, mix into a bucket of water following safety procedures. Do not add directly to spa water as staining or scaling may occur with some spa surfaces.

Step 4: With the fitration running, slowly pour diluted product into the spa in front of spa returns. This is done to allow even distribution through the spa water.

Step 5: Leave filtration running for at least 30 mins after application.

Step 6: Test level and if necessary repeat above directions.


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