Poppits Spa Pipe Degreaser

If you're looking for an easy and effective way to clean your spa's water pipes, Poppits Spa Pipe Degreaser is the perfect solution. It removes body fats, algae, shed skin and hair which accumulate in the pipes and hinder the flow of water. 

Features and benefits:

  • Removes unhygienic body grease build up from pipes
  • Prevent a build-up of grease and body-fats in spa pipe systems.
  • Poppit Spa Pipe Degreaser is used to clean the pipes around the spa
  • Removing Body fats, algae and other debris that is accumulated in the pipes

Available Pack Sizes:

  • 500mL Container

Always use Poppit Spa Pipe Degreaser just before dumping thespa water!

You should dump your Spa water every 12–16 weeks for a sparkling clean Spa.


Use Spa Pipe Degreaser to prevent a build-up of grease and body-fats in spa pipe systems.

1. Remove the filter cartridge if one is fitted.

2. Add 50ml of Spa Pipe Degreaser for every 1000L of spa water.

    Cap holds 5ml.

3. Turn filter on and run for 1 hour.

4. Turn blower on and off several times.

5. Dump water and clean filter using Poppit Filter Cartridge Cleaner.

6. As the pipes under the spa are often flexible, it is recommended that they be flushed out after degreasing. Simply attach a hose into the jets and use water pressure to clear pipes of any residue.

7. Wipe out spa using a cloth with a small amount of Poppit Spa Pipe Degreaser on it. Rinse spa with clean damp cloth.



1. Add 30ml to spa bath water.

2. Run blowers for 15 to 30 minutes.

3. Turn blower off.

4. Empty spa bath.

5. Wipe spa bath with cloth.


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