For Australian grandfather Phil Gamble, finding an easy-to-use alternative to chlorine and salt pool santisation was vital. And Poppits Sanosil provided the benefits he was searching for.

“I had several significant reasons to try alternatives to chlorine sanitation,” explains Phil. “Firstly, several of my young grandchildren suffer from chronic eczema and asthma, and these conditions have shown to be severely compromised by swimming in heavily chlorinated pools.

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“Secondly, I am of the belief that chlorine is an intrinsically dangerous and potentially carcinogenic substance and as human skin absorbs this readily, I did not want my family to be subjected to it.”

Poppits Sanosil sanitiser is a product comprising H²O² (hydrogen peroxide) with a silver additive, all of which are excellent anti-pathogenic substances. Phil undertook a 12-month trial where he purely used Sanosil to sanitise his brand new pool – and he was amazed by the results.

Peroxsil trial hugely successful for Aussie grandfather

“My grandchildren could swim for hours without their eczema flaring up at all,” says Phil. “The kids said the water felt like a relief to their skin. After they had been swimming in the pool on a few different occasions, their eczema even appeared to be getting better.”

Sanosil provided a great alternative for Phil’s grandchildren, Nate, 7, and Arlie, 5, who have a salt water chlorinator in their pool at home and, as a result, cannot stay in the water for very long without their skin becoming red, itchy and weepy.

Not only did Phil’s pool offer an irritation-free swim to his grandchildren, but it also produced water of a superior quality without fuss or extra equipment.

“The water was so clean, I wanted to drink it,” says Phil. “The results were far superior than we had imagined. The innate cleanliness of the water and the look and feel of the pool were breathtaking. The pool had absolutely no intrusive smell or feel, and there was never any need to shower after swimming as the pool water was much better than even filtered water in our residence.

“Plus it is as easy to use as traditional chlorine; you just dispense it manually or use an automated dispenser. Simple as that!”

Phil has since moved residence, but says if he builds another pool or rents a home with a pool in the future, he will “definitely” be using Sanosil to sanitise it. In the meantime, Phil will recommend Sanosil to his friends and family, as he could not have been happier with the quality of the water during this trial.