The excitement and pleasure of a brand new portable spa is very special. Whether purchased for therapeutic or social reasons, there are few items that can claim to promote health and wellbeing while providing luxury, fun and genuine exhilaration. Like all things of value, a portable spa requires regular maintenance. Everyone appreciates that a motor vehicle doesn’t look after itself and needs regular servicing and that a home requires ongoing maintenance or it deteriorates and impacts the value. Well, so too does a portable spa need regular care. It is really not difficult to maintain either a pool or spa when we break down the tasks into the five basic areas to consider:

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  • Balancing the water
  • Sanitising the water
  • Oxidising the water
  • Clarifying the water
  • Filtering the water

The important thing to keep in mind is that what we want to achieve is clear, sparkling and safe water to relax in.

Pool & Spa Magazine – Maintaining a Portable Spa