Spa and pool water that is enriched with oxygen, safe from bacterial threats, and free from irritants or harmful by-products?

Peroxil395 uses an advanced oxidisation process to remove bacterial threats from your pool water in the purest way possible – by enriching the water with oxygen.

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Find out more about how this process works:

Increases oxygen for pure spa and pool water
Peroxsil395 increases the active levels of oxygen in your spa or pool water using hydrogen peroxide. This is called oxidisation, and has been used across the world to successfully treat drinking water.

This technology is now being used to purify your spa and pool water in the purest way possible.

Peroxsil395 (Chlorine vs Peroxsil)

Free from irritants
The difference with traditional spa and pool sanitisation methods like chlorine or bromine, the Peroxsil395 system has no harmful by-products. The only by-products of oxidisation are oxygen and H²0!
Those with allergies or asthma need not worry about their body’s reaction to treated pool or spa water because Peroxsil395 results in water that is free from:

  • Chlorine
  • Salt
  • Lithium
  • Bromine
  • Odours
  • Taste

Semi – automated sanitisation

Protecting your family from exposure to bacterial threats in your spa or pool water has never been easier with Peroxsil395 – the oxidisation process can be semi – automated with the introduction of a Poppits Doser (see your local stockist ) which means optimum levels of sanitisation are always maintained.

Peroxsil395 also takes care of keeping the pH level of your pool’s water steady, which eliminates issues like cloudy water and algae blooms that usually result from such imbalances and because there are no fluctuations in harmful chemicals thanks to the semi – automated system, the life of your pool surfaces and equipment is extended.