Most of us are familiar with that chemical smell when walking into a swim centre – and you may also know the sting of chlorine in your eyes, and the unpleasant taste when you accidentally find some pool water in your mouth.

Most spa and pool sanitisation options, such as chlorine, lithium / bromine and salt chlorination, give spa and pool water these characteristics. This can make swimming in your backyard spa and pool an unpleasant experience at times, especially for those who suffer allergies.

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Peroxsil395 is an odourless and tasteless spa and pool water sanitiser that uses the power of oxygen to give you clean and clear spa and pool water.

Read more about how Peroxsil395 works so you can see why this method results in completely pure water free of odours and taste:

Peroxsil395 (Why is Peroxsil395 tasteless and odourless?)

Peroxsil395 uses the process of oxidisation to purify water
Using Peroxsil395 to increase the oxygen levels in the water is the principle of the oxidisation process, this process removes bacterial threats more effectively than any other method currently on the market.

And the best thing – oxidisation produces no harmful by products, hence why there is no nasty smell or taste, and why it has full recommendation from the National Asthma Council Australia

The by-products of Peroxsil395 are water and oxygen
Pure water and pure oxygen are free from odours and taste – this is why the oxygen and water produced as by-products of the oxidisation process utilised by Peroxsil395 are chemically pure and therefore without detectable taste or smell.

It does not contain any chemical or compounds that can cause irritation, or can be smelt or tasted
The main by-products of the oxidisation process are water and oxygen, which do not irritate skin, eyes and lungs like the by-products of other sanitisation methods like traditional chlorine or bromine.

Only hydrogen peroxide has a taste, but in Peroxsil395 it is used in such small amounts that it cannot be detected by our tastebuds.

So there you have it – Peroxsil395 is a fantastic option for anyone who wants a spa or pool that is chlorine free, taste free, odour free and enriched with oxygen!