Global lithium shortage affects Australian spa market Waterco’s Poppits range a ready-made solution for spa owners

As the world embraces Elon Musk’s ground breaking lithium powered Tesla batteries and electric hybrid cars, de-bate is raging about whether there is enough of this natural resource in current reserves and resources to meet future demand. In fact, with an estimated production rate of 500,000 cars per year in the latter half of this […]

Global lithium shortage affects Australian spa market Waterco’s Poppits range a ready-made solution for spa owners

As the world embraces Elon Musk’s ground breaking lithium powered Tesla batteries and electric hybrid cars, de-bate is raging about whether there is enough of this natural resource in current reserves and resources to meet future demand.

In fact, with an estimated production rate of 500,000 cars per year in the latter half of this decade, Tesla says it alone will require “today’s entire worldwide production of lithium ion batteries”.
With everything from cars to smartphones, laptops and power tools reliant on lithium to operate, the increasing demand for the lightest metal on the periodic table is already having an impact on Australia’s spa market.

“We are already seeing a global shortage of lithium hypochlorite, the most common sanitiser used today in spas,” says Waterco’s National Key Accounts Manager, Gary Beecroft. “The shortage is caused mainly by the increase in the demand of lithium hydroxide/carbonate for batteries.”

This shortage has essentially stopped the supply of lithium hypochlorite to the spa market, leaving spa owners with limited options to maintain the health and clarity of spa water.

“Poppits is one of the few products that have already been designed to sanitise spas using hydrogen peroxide to oxidise the bacteria and organic materials in the water,” Gary explains. “However, unlike traditional lithium hypo-chlorite spa sanitisers, Poppits does not contain chlorine or bromine, which is ideal for asthmatics and people with sensitive skin.”

Free of harsh chemicals and chemical by-products Poppits is the latest ultimate water management system for spa and pool sanitisation. Developed by Waterco, this system uses advanced oxidisation to purify spa and pool water. Advanced oxidisation essentially raises the levels of active oxygen in the water, resulting in the removal of bacterial threats. “Endorsed by the National Asthma Council Australia, and the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ as the ‘Sensitive Choice’ in pool and spa sanitisation, Poppits spa care range is specially formulated to be gentle on skin, kind to asthmatics, and good for the environment,” says Gary.


Peroxsil395 (Why is Peroxsil395 tasteless and odourless?)

Most of us are familiar with that chemical smell when walking into a swim centre – and you may also know the sting of chlorine in your eyes, and the unpleasant taste when you accidentally find some pool water in your mouth.

Most spa and pool sanitisation options, such as chlorine, lithium / bromine and salt chlorination, give spa and pool water these characteristics. This can make swimming in your backyard spa and pool an unpleasant experience at times, especially for those who suffer allergies.
Peroxsil395 is an odourless and tasteless spa and pool water sanitiser that uses the power of oxygen to give you clean and clear spa and pool water.

Read more about how Peroxsil395 works so you can see why this method results in completely pure water free of odours and taste:

Peroxsil395 uses the process of oxidisation to purify water
Using Peroxsil395 to increase the oxygen levels in the water is the principle of the oxidisation process, this process removes bacterial threats more effectively than any other method currently on the market.

And the best thing – oxidisation produces no harmful by products, hence why there is no nasty smell or taste, and why it has full recommendation from the National Asthma Council Australia

The by-products of Peroxsil395 are water and oxygen
Pure water and pure oxygen are free from odours and taste – this is why the oxygen and water produced as by-products of the oxidisation process utilised by Peroxsil395 are chemically pure and therefore without detectable taste or smell.

It does not contain any chemical or compounds that can cause irritation, or can be smelt or tasted
The main by-products of the oxidisation process are water and oxygen, which do not irritate skin, eyes and lungs like the by-products of other sanitisation methods like traditional chlorine or bromine.

Only hydrogen peroxide has a taste, but in Peroxsil395 it is used in such small amounts that it cannot be detected by our tastebuds.

So there you have it – Peroxsil395 is a fantastic option for anyone who wants a spa or pool that is chlorine free, taste free, odour free and enriched with oxygen!

Peroxsil395 (Oxidisation explained)

Spa and pool water that is enriched with oxygen, safe from bacterial threats, and free from irritants or harmful by-products?

Peroxil395 uses an advanced oxidisation process to remove bacterial threats from your pool water in the purest way possible – by enriching the water with oxygen.

Find out more about how this process works:

Increases oxygen for pure spa and pool water
Peroxsil395 increases the active levels of oxygen in your spa or pool water using hydrogen peroxide. This is called oxidisation, and has been used across the world to successfully treat drinking water.

This technology is now being used to purify your spa and pool water in the purest way possible.

Free from irritants
The difference with traditional spa and pool sanitisation methods like chlorine or bromine, the Peroxsil395 system has no harmful by-products. The only by-products of oxidisation are oxygen and H²0!
Those with allergies or asthma need not worry about their body’s reaction to treated pool or spa water because Peroxsil395 results in water that is free from:

  • Chlorine
  • Salt
  • Lithium
  • Bromine
  • Odours
  • Taste


Semi – automated sanitisation

Protecting your family from exposure to bacterial threats in your spa or pool water has never been easier with Peroxsil395 – the oxidisation process can be semi – automated with the introduction of a Poppit Doser (see your local stockist ) which means optimum levels of sanitisation are always maintained.

Peroxsil395 also takes care of keeping the pH level of your pool’s water steady, which eliminates issues like cloudy water and algae blooms that usually result from such imbalances and because there are no fluctuations in harmful chemicals thanks to the semi – automated system, the life of your pool surfaces and equipment is extended.

Peroxsil395 (Chlorine vs Peroxsil)

While Chlorine is the most conventional form of spa and pool sanitisation, there are a few alternatives that are gaining traction in the market – and with good reason! There are myriad benefits alternative methods of sanitisation can offer to spa and pool owners, especially those that do not contain or produce any harmful by-products.
One of these is Peroxsil395, which was developed in Australia to assist people with allergies – swimming without an eczema or Asthma flare-up is now a reality thanks to this development in sanitisation technology.

Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of using conventional Chlorine or new Peroxsil395 in your backyard spa or pool. 


Chlorine has been on the spa and pool sanitisation scene since the 1930s – and to this day, the majority of spa and pool owners still use this method to keep their spa and pool water safe to swim in.

It involves regularly dosing the spa or pool water with chlorine (and sometimes other chemicals), plus monitoring the spa or pool for changes in pH and mineral balance.


  • Easy to use and dose
  • Readily available
  • Removes bacterial threats effectively
  • Economically viable


  • Dissipates quickly over 32 degrees
  • Uncomfortable and irritating for skin, eyes and lungs
  • Produces unpleasant odour and taste
  • Can potentially damage plumbing fixtures, spa and pool equipment or surfaces
  • Produces harmful by-products


Peroxsil395 is the latest ultimate water management system for spa and pool sanitisation. Developed by Waterco, this system uses advanced oxidisation to purify spa and pool water.

Advanced oxidisation essentially raises the levels of active oxygen in the water, resulting in the removal of bacterial threats.


  • Suitable for those with allergies or asthma
  • Recommended by the National Asthma Council Australia – it even has the Sensitive Choice seal of approval
  • Healthier for the whole family
  • Easy to use
  • Full instruction information available
  • Removes bacterial threats without producing any harmful by products
  • Has no colour, smell or taste
  • No need to shower after swimming
  • Results in water enriched in oxygen that creates effervescing experience
  • Splash overs won’t damage plants or etch glass or perspex
  • Waste water can be used to irrigate your lawn and garden
  • Minimum number of chemicals required for full operation
  • Extends the life of spa and pool surfaces and equipment
  • Lower volume of sanitiser required
  • No toxic chemical exposure


  • Slightly more costly than chlorine

Sanosil trial hugely successful for Aussie grandfather

For Australian grandfather Phil Gamble, finding an easy-to-use alternative to chlorine and salt pool santisation was vital. And Poppit Sanosil provided the benefits he was searching for.


“I had several significant reasons to try alternatives to chlorine sanitation,” explains Phil. “Firstly, several of my young grandchildren suffer from chronic eczema and asthma, and these conditions have shown to be severely compromised by swimming in heavily chlorinated pools.


“Secondly, I am of the belief that chlorine is an intrinsically dangerous and potentially carcinogenic substance and as human skin absorbs this readily, I did not want my family to be subjected to it.”


Poppit Sanosil sanitiser is a product comprising H²O² (hydrogen peroxide) with a silver additive, all of which are excellent anti-pathogenic substances. Phil undertook a 12-month trial where he purely used Sanosil to sanitise his brand new pool – and he was amazed by the results.


“My grandchildren could swim for hours without their eczema flaring up at all,” says Phil. “The kids said the water felt like a relief to their skin. After they had been swimming in the pool on a few different occasions, their eczema even appeared to be getting better.”


Sanosil provided a great alternative for Phil’s grandchildren, Nate, 7, and Arlie, 5, who have a salt water chlorinator in their pool at home and, as a result, cannot stay in the water for very long without their skin becoming red, itchy and weepy.


Not only did Phil’s pool offer an irritation-free swim to his grandchildren, but it also produced water of a superior quality without fuss or extra equipment.


“The water was so clean, I wanted to drink it,” says Phil. “The results were far superior than we had imagined. The innate cleanliness of the water and the look and feel of the pool were breathtaking. The pool had absolutely no intrusive smell or feel, and there was never any need to shower after swimming as the pool water was much better than even filtered water in our residence.


“Plus it is as easy to use as traditional chlorine; you just dispense it manually or use an automated dispenser. Simple as that!”


Phil has since moved residence, but says if he builds another pool or rents a home with a pool in the future, he will “definitely” be using Sanosil to sanitise it. In the meantime, Phil will recommend Sanosil to his friends and family, as he could not have been happier with the quality of the water during this trial.



Download here as a PDF version.

Pool & Spa Magazine – Maintaining a Portable Spa

The excitement and pleasure of a brand new portable spa is very special. Whether purchased for therapeutic or social reasons, there are few items that can claim to promote health and wellbeing while providing luxury, fun and genuine exhilaration. Like all things of value, a portable spa requires regular maintenance. Everyone appreciates that a motor vehicle doesn’t look after itself and needs regular servicing and that a home requires ongoing maintenance or it deteriorates and impacts the value. Well, so too does a portable spa need regular care. It is really not difficult to maintain either a pool or spa when we break down the tasks into the five basic areas to consider:

• Balancing the water

• Sanitising the water

• Oxidising the water

• Clarifying the water

• Filtering the water

The important thing to keep in mind is that what we want to achieve is clear, sparkling and safe water to relax in.


Read the full article:  Pool + Spa – May-June 2013 – Pool Poppits story


Article is available from:

Why Hydrogen Peroxide?

Why Hydrogen Peroxide?

H2O2 ——–> H2O + O2

(hydrogen peroxide ——–> water + oxygen)

As simple as it may seem the treatment of contaminated water is as diverse and complicated as the operations from which it comes. In today’s environement, where merely transferring contaminants from one medium to another is no longer acceptable, it is no surprise that a powerful oxidizer that looks like water — in it’s appeareance, chemical formula and reaction products — should be so widely used. This is hydrogen peroxide (H202) — a powerful yet versatile oxidant that is both safe and effective.

H202 Advantages

Powerful – H202 is one of the most powerful oxidizers known — stronger than chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and potassium permanganate. And through catalysis, H202 can be converted into hydroxyl radicals ( OH) with reactivity second only to flourine.

Oxidation Potential, V
Hydroxyl radical
Hydrogen peroxide
Potassium permanganate
Chlorine dioxide

Safe – Despite its power, H2O2 is a natural metabolite of many organisms, which decompose the H2O2 they produce into oxygen and water. H2O2 is also formed by the action of sunlight on water — a natural purification system for our environment.  Consequently, H2O2 has none of the problems of gaseous release or chemical odours.

Study links Chlorine to asthma epidemic

The incidence of asthma is growing at an alarming rate. It is reported that in Australia 2 in 5 school age children now suffer with the ailment and in New Zealand 1 in 4 children. People with allergies also account for 40% of the population. These days, most progressive households use allergy free pillows and use non-residual room deodorants – but what about spas, spa baths and swimming pools? It is now possible to use a product that is safe and effective for all spa users, inclusive of asthmatics and allergy suffers.

Study Links Chlorine to the rising incidence of Asthma.

A recent study in the University of Louvain, Belgium, “states that, when chlorinated water reacts with organic matter such as urine or sweat it creates trichloramine, a gassy, easily inhaled irritant. Trichloramine is known as a trigger for three proteins that destroy the cellular barrier protecting the lungs, making them more prone to asthma attack.”

The researchers have tested the blood of hundreds of young pool users finding higher than normal levels of the proteins. The levels rose even when people merely sat beside a pool.

While this was a study conducted in an indoor pool, and chlorine producers argue that better ventilation might have altered the results, there have been a number of other studies which all point to the same conclusion. In fact the incidence of respiratory tract disease in lifeguards at outdoor pools is also above the norm.

Chlorine & Bromine and the hole in the ozone

Is our use of Chlorine and Bromine in Swimming Pools and Spas causing a negative effect on the environment that we live in. This is an article that was in the Melbourne Herald Sun on Wednesday, October 2, 2002. It explores the possible effects that chlorine and bromine can have on the environment when it is released in the atmosphere and interacts with other environmental elements.

 Ozone hole Splits
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